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Top Five Jason Fanarts!!!!


I know you were all curious about my favorite Jason Todd fanarts of all time so here’s a post for your eyeballs to feast upon

5. Jason Todd Sketch by malla13


I love this picture because it’s so emotional and stylized and so very clearly Jason, despite only being his hand and part of his face. I love his nose his brow, and his eyes—this picture has so much depth to it, which is so amazing to me considering how little is actually shown. 

4. jason todd by prince-opeo


This Jason is so delightful to me, mostly because of the sassy hips. But there’s also this sort of drama, this charisma and charm, that screams Jason to me. I love the lineart and the muted colors, which somehow just makes Jason’s personality shine through. Plus his expression is perfect—that’s definitely his “I’m gonna fuck some shit up, and it’s gonna be awesome,” face. 

3. Jason by buku2


This Jason is one of my favorites for how close it is to my headcanon of Jason’s face. The eyebrows, the jawline, the nose, the cheekbones, the lower lip—this looks so much like Jason to me. Especially when he’s grouchy. 

2. Stamp Series - Robin II by ceesoo


This picture is flawless, hands down. Jason’s thighs, the curly bangs, the cowlick—aaaand that perfect smirk. It’s so rare to find fanart of Jason where he’s smiling. Everyone thinks he was ~the angry Robin~ or whatever, but Jason was actually pretty chipper a lot of the time. This smile isn’t so much chipper as “you’re going down,” but that’s perfect for Jason, too. 

1. Jason Todd - You Bet by iamacoyfish


I cannot sing the praises enough of this picture. The lineart. The colors. The hair. The posture. That little tongue poking out of the side of his mouth. It’s not only a gorgeous work, it’s very Jason—provocative by default, sort of casually splayed out with this sort of magnetism that he doesn’t know he has. It’s like, you look at this picture and think that Jason doesn’t know he has an audience, that he isn’t posing for you; if he were, it’d be this ridiculous, obvious showy pose, something you absolutely couldn’t mistake. But here he’s just so casual and effortlessly appealing. 

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What did I even draw, Ket…? Well, whatever. This is for you. <3 

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jason. with a parody of a gun.

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I like these two together <3

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goodness gracious this is gorgeous, i love the use of lines here. and it’s so *jason* even with such a simple picture! 

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“Rule Number One: You give me everything you’ve got. Rule Number Two: Then you give me more. […]” - Bruce Wayne (“Batman und Robin: Sins of the Father (#1.2)” (1997))

Even though the quote is originally from a conversation between Tim and Bruce it still revived my everlasting love for BruJay. :V
No, you don’t understand. I just ship Bruce/Jason so much and these feels are killing me. Somebody write me an angsty fanfiction. /sobs


Having Jason feels today yes.

I added the cigarette cos he looks like he looks like he was having a good time with himself.

Red Hood: the Lost Days

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